Primary Balance Assessment Functions

Display Balance Statistics in a Table


Visualize Distributional Balance


Display Balance Statistics in a Love Plot Methods<CBPS>)

Balance statistics for CBPS Objects<Match>)

Balance Statistics for Matching, optmatch, ebal, and designmatch Objects<cem.match>)

Balance Statistics for cem Objects<default>)

Balance Statistics for Other Objects<data.frame>)<formula>)

Balance Statistics for Data Sets<data.frame.list>)<formula.list>)

Balance Statistics for Longitudinal Datasets<matchit>)

Balance Statistics for MatchIt Objects<mimids>)

Balance Statistics for MatchThem Objects<ps>)

Balance Statistics for twang Objects<sbwcau>)

Balance Statistics for sbw Objects<weightit>)

Balance Statistics for WeightIt Objects Classes

Using with Clustered Data

Using with Multiply Imputed Data

Using with Longitudinal Treatments

Using with Multi-Category Treatments

Using with Subclassified Data

Balance and Display Options


Balance Statistics in and love.plot

options-display display_options

Options for Displaying Output

Helper Functions

col_w_mean() col_w_sd() col_w_smd() col_w_vr() col_w_ks() col_w_ovl() col_w_cov() col_w_corr()

Compute Balance Statistics for Covariates

Convenient Formula Generation


Extract Weights from Preprocessing Objects


Print Results of a Call to

set.cobalt.options() get.cobalt.options()

Set and Get Options in cobalt

splitfactor() unsplitfactor()

Split and Unsplit Factors into Dummy Variables


Extract Variable Names from Objects


lalonde lalonde_mis

Lalonde's National Supported Work Demonstration Data